Cutting-Edge Surveillance Systems
& IoT Solutions that Build Intelligence

 Milesight is a fast-growing AIoT solution provider committed to offering value-added services and cutting-edge technologies. 

Displays & Panels

5G Devices

Surveillance Systems


Better Inside. More in Sight


Up-to-the-minute technologies and strong R&D power keep in step with the fast-growing market.


Honest and trustworthy towards all partners and customers nourish Milesight’s reputation.


Dependable and qualified security equipment meets the precise security need only of the Milesight family.


Graceful and fluid Milesight Style seamlessly blends into the environment for all your digital needs.


User-friendly design and various accessories reduce the installation efforts.


Quick market response allows us to stay close to our customers.


A healthy distribution channel ensures a sustainable and win-win partnership.


Advanced industrial-leading technologies are embedded in every Milesight product.

Enabling Innovation at Speed & Scale with Next-gen Solutions

Milesight 5G Series is equipped with cutting-edge 5G & IoT technology and AI deep learning, catering for outdoor remote monitoring which is without a wired network but in need of device mobility and acquiring sensor data.

Worldwide Coverage with Sustainable Growth!

Milesight adapts to each and every surveillance demand from the global security market and has now provided services to over 120+ countries and regions, creating a wide spectrum of complete end-to-end solutions including retail, government, industry, education, commercial, city surveillance, etc.

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