Intelligent sensors for buildings and cities

Nexelec is an innovative company specializing in fire safety, environmental monitoring, air quality and building energy management.

Indoor and Outdoor Air Sensors

Everything For Intelligent Buildings

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Products and Solutions for Professionals

Nexelec offers a wide range of intelligent detectors and sensors to meet the specific needs of its professional customers.
Our products are designed to be simple to install and use, while incorporating the latest technologies.

Air quality, a major public health challenge

Indoors, where we spend most of our time, air quality has a direct impact on our health, comfort and productivity. Adequate CO2 levels and an absence of indoor pollutants help create an optimal environment. Outside, air quality can vary according to atmospheric pollution. Monitoring outdoor air is crucial to preventing respiratory problems and adapting to climate change

Optimize temperature and humidity in buildings!

Optimum temperature and humidity management in buildings offers numerous benefits, including occupant comfort, improved air quality, energy savings, asset preservation, reduced maintenance costs and a sustainable approach to property management.

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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